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Living with Epilepsy

Welfare Benefits

Welfare Benefits

For all the wrong reasons “Benefits” at times gets a very bad press but, in reality, the welfare benefit system available for people with disability, and indeed for families with other varying needs, in the UK is the envy of the world.

Those who have a legitimate call on benefits should take full advantage of what is on offer. It is not a case of simple desire to get help but rather an entitlement which society is anxious to enact to deserving applicants.

The most obvious benefit to all who have epilepsy is the provision of free prescriptions which covers the cost of all medications not only those prescribed for epilepsy.

Here is a list of some of benefits designed to help those with disability including those with epilepsy:

Attendance Allowance; Carer’s Allowance; Carer’s Credit; Disability Living Allowance; Disability Premiums (Income Support) Disabled facilities Grants; Disabled Student’s Allowance; Employment and Support Allowance; Incapacity Benefit; Income Support; Independent Living Fund; Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit: Personal Independence Payment.

You may be entitled to make a claim for one of these benefits or for several of them.
The big problem in getting what is rightfully yours is that making a claim can be an absolute nightmare. This is especially true if you are not used to dealing with officialdom.

You will have to fill in innumerable complicated forms, quite often deal directly with Government departments and possibly make an appeal against a decision that has gone against you. To say it’s not easy is an understatement.

Some charitable organisations do offer help in making applications but the help can be somewhat limited as the whole process is very labour intensive and time consuming.

If you have epilepsy, thinking positively about what you can do is important when looking for a job and keeping in employment.

All parents who have epilepsy will know how important safety measures are in the home. Find out more advice and safety measures from MREA.

From Diagnosis to Treatment, Employment to Education, advice for work and homelife — our guide has got you covered.