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Living with Epilepsy

Live your life

Epilepsy can affect your life in many ways, but with effective strategies and medication it is possible to lead a full and active life. At MREA, we want to help to inform and empower you, so that you can control your epilepsy, and not let it control you.

Parents with Epilepsy

Parental advice

All parents who have epilepsy will know how important safety measures are in the home.  The presence of babies and young children, however, means that further precautions may have to be taken to ensure that they are safe during a seizure.

Parents who have warnings of seizures, or know what time they are likely to occur, will have less of a problem than those whose attacks are irregular and without prior warning.

Adolescents Companion’s Guide

Teenage years are complicated enough as it is, so we have prepared a companion guide for you to help find out about epilepsy. If you are newly diagnosed or wondering about the process, download the guide and get all the information you may need.

Adult Companion’s Guide

We have put together a comprehensive guide covering all the topics you may have questions about as an adult. From Diagnosis to Treatment, Employment to Education, advice for work and homelife — our guide has got you covered.


Twitter feed

The science and research community are very active on Twitter, it’s a great way of interacting with our audience and keeping up to date with all the developments in the field.

Follow MREA and get all the latest news, events and information on epilepsy, collated from our followers and collaborators.


Where epilepsy is diagnosed in the early or middle teens, knowing the facts can ensure a balanced attitude towards the condition.

There are rules and regulations for gaining or holding a drivers licence. See if you are eligible, to ensure your own safety and those around you.

Travelling abroad with epilepsy can raise some safety issues, so we have provided some essential phrases and downloads to help you on your journey.