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Downloads and Games

Downloads and Games

Welcome to the Downloads and Games section of the site.
Test your knowledge with our quizzes or download some of our games to keep yourself entertained or to play with a friend.

Fascinating facts about the human brain — download the PDF and impress your friends with your new knowledge!

History is littered with the names of people that have had epilepsy, from artists to authors, leaders to philosophers.

Print off this page and draw your thoughts, ideas, hopes for the future or just some of your favourite things.

Test your observation skills with this word search — find the sports and games in the grid of letters. Download now!

Your computer is malfunctioning and mixing up your keys on the keyboard — can you crack the code?

Daisy wanted to know more about her epilepsy, so she decided to become a detective.

Brain Boxes

The left hemisphere (side) of your brain controls the right side of your body, and the right hemisphere controls the left hand side.
In most people, messages from the left hemisphere override messages from the right, so most people (about 9 out of 10) are right handed. Nobody is really sure why this is.

There are so many connections between all the cells in your brain that if you started counting them now, one every second, you would finish in 32 million years time.

It is thought that at least one person in every 103 has epilepsy. This means that in Britain alone there are at least 150,000 children with epilepsy.

Our Interactive Illustrated Junior Encyclopaedia lets you explore the world of epilepsy and learn about all the key subjects.

There have been many famous people throughout history with epilepsy — from artist Vincent Van Gogh to rapper Lil Wayne.