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From Diagnosis
to Surgery

From Diagnosis to Surgery

The Liverpool Epilepsy Research Group performs cutting-edge research in children and adults with epilepsy.

Clinically-orientated research in patients with paediatric epilepsy is done in collaboration with Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust and in patients with adult epilepsy in collaboration with the Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust

An important focus of research is the identification of biomarkers in epilepsy. A biomarker is a biological property that can be used to predict a future pathological event, physiological event or a treatment outcome. Current biomarker research involving trustees of the MREA in context of their work at the University of Liverpool include:

This work is ongoing and uses a collection of different biomarkers and research techniques, including specialised MRI scans, EEG scans, cognitive testing and analysis of blood samples.  Updates on this work can be found on the Liverpool Brain Research using Advanced Imaging in Neurology (BRAIN) lab website and the twitter feeds for @BrainImagingUoL  and @epilepsy_liv.

Much of the research in Merseyside is undertaken by the Epilepsy Research Group at the University of Liverpool led by Professor Tony Marson.

The standard and new anti-epileptic drugs clinical trials were designed to identify the most effective and cost-effective treatment for patients.

Neuroimaging research in epilepsy in Liverpool is led by Dr Simon Keller. Most of this research is performed using MRI scans.