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Living with Epilepsy

Epilepsy and Travel

Epilepsy and Travel

Travelling abroad with epilepsy can raise some safety issues, so we have provided some essential phrases and printable information cards to help you on your journey.

Download the PDF for the relevant country below. If you are travelling with a child, use the cards and give them to the child to carry, carefully explain to him or her that if you do have a seizure and are surrounded by strangers the card should be shown to an adult. Make sure that both your name, address and the child’s name and address are clearly written on the reverse side of the card.

Medication & Insurance

Medication and Insurance information is provided in the PDF — giving you localised details on who to contact or any legal requirements.

Take a supply of your medication with you when travelling. If you should unfortunately lose or mislay your tablets the following table may be useful to you. It is very important that you should know the generic (chemical name) of your drug.

Generic Name
Brand Name
Generic Name
Brand Name

Where epilepsy is diagnosed in the early or middle teens, knowing the facts can ensure a balanced attitude towards the condition.

Teenage years are complicated enough as it is, so we have prepared a companion guide for you to help find out about epilepsy.

From Diagnosis to Treatment, Employment to Education, advice for work and homelife — our guide has got you covered.