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Children’s Section

Educational fun

If you are a child or the parent of a child with epilepsy,  we know that it can be difficult to adjust to life — especially if you are recently diagnosed.

MREA are here to help to educate, inform and entertain you with the Children’s Section — we have games, quizzes, an animated short called ‘Molly’s Tale’ and an Interactive Illustrated Junior Encyclopaedia.

Learning About Epilepsy

Molly’s Tale

Molly is 11 years old and has epilepsy. She lives with her family and goes to the local primary school and like the other kids she likes to play with her family and friends. 

Because of epilepsy she occasionally has what are called seizures, and our story tells us more about her epilepsy and how doctors helped her to control her seizures.

Junior Encyclopaedia

Our Interactive Illustrated Junior Encyclopaedia lets you explore the world of epilepsy and learn about all the key subjects, from seizures to medication, information about treatments to the people that created those methodologies.

Epilepsy Explained

It is thought that at least one person in every 103 has epilepsy. This means that in Britain alone there are at least 150,000 children with epilepsy, more than enough to fill a large football stadium, 3 times over. MREA has put together a simple guide to help you understand the condition.


Twitter feed

The science and research community are very active on Twitter, it’s a great way of interacting with our audience and keeping up to date with all the developments in the field.

Follow MREA and get all the latest news, events and information on epilepsy, collated from our followers and collaborators.


Test your knowledge with our quizzes or download some of our games to keep yourself entertained or to play with a friend.

There have been many famous people throughout history with epilepsy — from artist Vincent Van Gogh to rapper Lil Wayne.

Where epilepsy is diagnosed in the early or middle teens, knowing the facts can ensure a balanced attitude towards the condition.