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About MREA

The charity

We are an independent charity working towards improving the quality of life for people with epilepsy and their families across Merseyside and Cheshire. For over 60 years, we’ve been providing a free and confidential  community service which aims to give support and information on a personal basis.

From The Chairman

A little bit about us

As Chairman of the Association I offer you a very warm welcome to our newly developed website.

If you have epilepsy one of the best places to live is in Liverpool and the connected areas in the north west of England. This is because the city of Liverpool is home of two international centres of clinical excellence for the treatment of epilepsy. The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust caters for the adult population and Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust for the youngsters. We also have the University of Liverpool performing world-leading epilepsy research.

Governing Body

MREA was founded in 1956 by a Liverpool Social Worker, Dorothy Kealing, and now in 2020 the new Board are excited to be taking onboard the responsibility of providing a free and confidential community service in the Mersey Region. The new governing body comprises of four experts, with leading scientists in the epilepsy research field.


We are a charity, so your support is vital for us to continue helping epilepsy sufferers in the region. If you have found our information helpful you can assist us in our work by making a donation, sponsoring an event or making provisions in your Will. If you would like to discuss these options with us, follow the link below and contact us.


Twitter feed

The science and research community are very active on Twitter, it’s a great way of interacting with our audience and keeping up to date with all the developments in the field.

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If you have any questions about the role of MREA or want to discuss opportunities to get involved with our work, please contact us.

Much of the research in Merseyside is undertaken by the Epilepsy Research Group at the University of Liverpool led by Professor Tony Marson.

Epilepsy is as common as diabetes and asthma. With as many as 1 in 103 people affected, epilepsy is the most common neurological disorder.